About Swiss Watch Raffle

Swiss Watch Raffle are established in the UK and run by a team of watch connoisseurs. Our main aim is to give everyone an opportunity to win a high end luxurious watch by entering our skill based competition.

We have sourced and acquired some of the most desirable watches available on the market from all around the world for you to win by simply making an entry; it's as simple as that!

In addition to your entry to win an exclusive watch we also allow you to choose one of four highly recognised charities in the world that you would like to see us donate part of our profits to.

So how does it work?

  1. Select how many entries into the competition that you wish to purchase, yes it's a numbers game and a bit of luck!
  2. You will then be required to play a short skill-based game testing your knowledge - in this competition we have a multiple choice question. The answer of which will also apply to all of the tickets that you purchase in that particular transaction;
  3. Once you have answered the question, you will be required to enter all of your payment details and to pick which one of the four listed charities you would like to support;
  4. Each competition strictly has a limited number of tickets to purchase - once they have sold out, the winner will be drawn by a secure, certified and regulated third-party authority.

Feeling lucky? Why delay when you could be one entry away from winning your dream watch from the Swiss Watch Raffle.

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